About Us

The 8 Network is an exclusive networking club based within the UK bringing together successful, influential and like-minded individuals and corporate companies.

The Network was founded in 2017 by John Shepherd, Julian Hedley, Tim Nagle and Jon Goss who are all recognised and respected individuals within their business sector. Having all worked within the sports and entertainment industry for many years, they all have experience with a huge variety of high end clients and companies. Using their database of business and social contacts they have created an invaluable network of high achievers with a passion for business, building relationships and networking in a relaxed atmosphere.

Founding Members

John Shepherd

Sport Mobile Ltd & Platinum Secure Ltd

Sport Mobile and Platinum secure provide an exclusive and highly professional mobile phone service for high end professionals and sports stars. Their ethos is based around exclusivity, confidentiality and security with their clients receiving a highly personalised service as they have a small but dedicated team to help, ensuring that there are no anonymous call centres for you to have to call. Keeping their clients in mind, their tariffs are personalised and varied, including exclusive roaming rates whilst travelling abroad.

For more details please visit www.sportmobile.co.uk or www.platinumsecure.co.uk

Julian Hedley

Saffery Champness

Saffery Champness is a firm of chartered accountants and is one of the UK’s leading advisers to individuals, businesses and organisations in the sports and entertainment sector. With a team of over 50 full time staff, led by nine partners, they deliver a full range of advisory services to clients across sports, media, film and television, music, theatre, fashion, photography, advertising, marketing and PR. They work, not just as accountants or tax advisers, but as trusted business advisers. They work in partnership with their clients to help ensure that they achieve their commercial and strategic ambitions and take full advantage of future market opportunities.

For further information, please visit www.saffery.com

Tim Nagle

Integro Entertainment and Sport

Integro Entertainment and Sport is a specialty insurance brokerage offering unparalleled service levels. They bring together some of the world’s most passionate, knowledgeable and skilled risk and specialty insurance professionals to manage the many issues facing their clients today. Integro’s Entertainment & Sport teams work with many of the biggest names in the music and events, film and television, theatre and sports industries. They are extremely experienced in helping clients with immediate response and support, wherever they are in the world. Their experience in the world of live entertainment and events means they understand the nature of risk and have unique and innovative solutions to their clients’ exposures. They design insurance programmes that are responsive to the emerging and complex needs and requirements of entertainers, promoters, venues, producers, recording studios, national and international organisations, federations and athletes.

 For more details, please visit www.integroedge.com

Jon Goss


Argentex provides bespoke tailored FX solutions to sports players worldwide. With your own personally assigned Trader, they take the cost and hassle out of currency transactions by delivering an efficient secure and straightforward service. They couple exceptionally competitive pricing with finely tuned strategy, meaning their clients have the advantage of better exchange rates, better risk management and better service in comparison to others banks and brokerages. Due to their structure, Argentex can provide clients with added flexibility on trade contracts – ensuring their service is tailored to your exact requirements.

For more details, please visit https://argentex.com

Paul Stacey

F13 Events Ltd

 F13 Lifestyle and Events is a discreet life enhancing service that has been working across the events, sports and entertainment sector for almost 15 years.

They specialise in providing luxury travel, priority access to exclusive restaurants, VIP tickets to the best events, plan celebrations, proposals, organise weddings and business events. Their team also manage high end property renovations and luxury home improvements.

Drawing on their network of global contacts and close brand partnerships they deliver unique and extraordinary experiences with access to the very best of everything that life has to offer.